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What is Short QT

Describes SQTS to the general public along with basic concepts about ECG's and arrhythmias.


This Website was established in order to spread the word about a heart disease called Short QT Syndrome (SQTS) which is easily overlooked and in some cases life-threatening.

Dr. Preben Bjerregaard MD, DMSc first discovered the disease in 1999. His discovery prompted research by his colleagues especially from Europe, Japan and in the US. Their collective work has contributed to our current understanding of its hereditary features, clinical manifestations, and treatment options.

Short QT Syndrome is a rare disease. Much of the general public has no knowledge about SQTS, and there are still a great number of physicians who are unaware of this newly discovered disease.

The Short QT Syndrome website is dedicated to presenting the available information in a format suitable for the lay public and medical professionals. We have included patient and physician correspondence forms to aid those afflicted with this disease and further our experience and knowledge about Short QT Syndrome.

Sincerely, Jack Collier, MD / Preben Bjerregaard, MD, DMSc


Short QT History

Gives a brief description about the discovery of Short QT Syndrome.



Information for patients and loved ones of those suffering from Short QT Syndrome.  A contact form for Dr. Bjerregaard is also provided.



Physician specific information about Short QT Syndrome along with a form for doctors who would like to contact Dr. Bjerregaard. 


Contact Information

Preben Bjerregaar MD, DMSc
Jack Collier MD



Journal articles dedicated to Short QT.




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